Pink Sapphire

A customer recently asked me “what can you do in the way of a pink color for a ring”.

Way to go Jake!

This has to be my favorite proposal photo ever taken by one of my customers, “Jake”.  It’s on a mountain top in New Zealand with the helicopter in flight in the background which had just dropped them off.

Now on Facebook

I finally bit the bullet, and after many requests I started a Facebook Page.   Look for Southwest Originals on Facebook!  Friend me!

Countdown to Christmas!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to begin that yearly planned countdown to December 25th.  As you might already know, I custom make most of my designs which usually takes 4 weeks.  Please keep that in mind when planning on a gift for Christmas.


Hi, I’m artist Patrick Barnes. Welcome to my all new website showcasing my fine jewelry. Please look around, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you find here. It is still under construction but new information is added every day!

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