Cuts of Diamonds

When we think of a diamond, we picture a round shape diamond in our mind, which is the most popular shape. But if you want something unique and different, plenty of shapes are crafted by cutting diamonds with divergent specifications. Every surface is perfectly polished after the cutting process. Each shape reflects a new pattern of light, which adds to diamond brilliance.

Diamond cut refers to the style we choose while shaping a diamond to polish it and give an optimum look. It greatly affects the attraction and the grace of a diamond. Below you will find a list of the top 10 diamond cuts.

  1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

The round brilliant cut is the most attractive and well-known shape of a diamond. It costs about 25-30% more raw material than the other cuts because of its high demand and low yielding capacity. About 75% of the diamonds are sold of this variety. Round brilliant diamonds are mostly used in Engagement rings, necklaces, and other fine jewelry products. Light passing through this diamond gives an optimal sparkle.

  1. Princess cut Diamonds:

Such diamonds are cut in both square and rectangular form, which gives an exceptionally brilliant and fire look. It is a bit low cost than round-cut diamonds. The best thing about this cut is that it shows distinct colors of light on each corner of the diamond. Princess diamond cut is also used in engagement rings, giving a contemporary feel with a square shape.

  1. Cushion-Cut diamonds:

The cushion-cut diamond is also known as Pillow cut diamond due to its pillow-like shape. It has a square and rectangular shape with rounded corners. People prefer cushion cut diamonds for engagement rings because of their classic look. Cushion cut diamonds have become the second most popular diamonds by overcoming the princess cut diamond.

  1. Emerald cut diamonds:

Only 3% of diamonds in the world are Emerald Shape diamonds because of their unique cuts available. Such diamonds have rectangular facet cuts with straight lines down the stones. They possess a very vintage and delicate look.

Emerald shape diamonds are usually 25-30% less expensive than round-cut diamonds and are sometimes referred to as the Hall of mirror effect due to their natural tendency to appear larger than their size.

  1. Asscher Cut diamonds:

Asscher diamond cutting pattern was introduced in 1902 by the Asscher brothers. These diamonds look pretty much similar to the emerald-cut diamonds. These are also the most expensive diamonds due to their smaller size and carat weight. Recent modifications in this cutting pattern have added more brilliance to Asscher, hence making Asscher cut diamond more popular.


  1. Oval shape cut diamonds:

These diamonds are a little longer than round-cut diamonds, yet having the same grace and brilliance. This shape is popular with those who want a unique look with a classic appearance. It appears larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. Oval diamonds are preferred in all types of jewelry especially engagement rings.

  1. Marquise-Cut diamonds:

Marquise-Cut diamond is popularly known as an Eye-Shaped cut or Football-shaped cut or even a boat-shaped cut due to its longer size. It makes the fingers of the wearer look longer and slender. It has an elliptical shape with pointed ends. Such diamonds are less expensive comparatively the other cuts.

  1. Pear-shaped cut diamonds:

A teardrop shape makes the pear cut diamond more exceptional. It is a combination of round and marquise shapes. Pear diamonds are designed to produce maximum brilliance, yet looking at the proper symmetry.  The smaller pear shape gives the finger a unique and delicate look.

  1. Heart Cut diamonds:

The name itself reflects the importance of heart cut diamonds which are used to represent love for someone. A modified-brilliant cut diamond and heart-like shape make it look exceptional. These diamonds are mostly used in pendants and rings.

  1. Radiant cut diamonds:

The radiant cut is the combination of round and emerald cuts with trimmed corners. This cut offers excellent sparkle because of its perfect 70 facets. People looking for a non-round diamond sparkle mostly prefer Radiant cut diamonds.

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