Diamond Color Explained

A Diamond Color grade is determined by its specific color grade assessment. In plain terms, the higher a diamond color grade is the less color it exhibits and the more sparkle it shows. If a diamond is gray or cloudy in color, it is a lower diamond color grade and if a diamond is nearly colorless, it is graded as a high diamond color grade. Diamond color grades are graded from D to Z. The highest color diamond grade is D and the lowest color diamond grade is Z.  Each diamond grade color has a direct impact on the sparkle a diamond exhibits.

Diamond Color Basics

Diamond color has a direct impact on the total look of a diamond. Color hues emitted by diamonds are light being reflected from a diamond’s prismatic facets. If a diamond has visible color it will not have the physical characteristics required to reflect light as well as a nearly colorless diamond.

The bottom line when it comes to color grade diamonds at the lower end of diamond color grades will featured a lower amount of translucency and sparkle than diamonds with virtually no visible color. Diamonds that are near colorless absorb light far better and are far more sparkly. People desire colorless diamonds because they are more dazzling and most of the time far prettier. Diamonds with warmer colors are still beautiful, but not as desired by diamond and jewelry buyers.

Diamond Color Grading System D to Z

Diamond color grade ranges go from D (colorless) to Z (yellow/light brown). Diamonds are graded by Gemologists with the diamond face down on a white surface using controlled lighting.

Diamond Grades D, E, and F —Colorless Diamonds

The most uncommon rare diamonds are in the colorless grade range. Diamonds exhibiting nearly zero color are grades D and E.

Diamonds with close to zero color which is detectable only when examined by a gemologist face down are F colored. It is impossible to tell the difference between an F and D colored diamond unless they are examined in the face-down position on a white surface.

It is recommended that high grade colorless diamonds be mounted in white gold or platinum because settings with color such as yellow gold will reduce the radiance of the diamonds.

Diamond Grades G, H, I and J—Near Colorless Diamonds

Diamonds examined in the face-up position in the near colorless range grades of G, H, I and J look colorless. But when the diamonds are examined on a white surface in the face-down position they show a small level of body color. The small amount of color will not be visible unless it is viewed on a completely white background. With near colorless mid-grade diamonds, the slight amount of color in the diamond will not be visible by the untrained or expert eye. Near colorless diamonds provide the best value because they are amazing looking without the big price of an expensive colorless diamond.


Diamond Grades K, L, and M —Faint Color Diamonds

Diamonds with a low level of color visible when examined from above when the diamond is in the face-up position are graded as K to M. These diamonds are liked by diamond buyers who prefer the softer look of this type of diamond. Faint color diamonds look the best when used in a yellow gold ring. Because this type of diamond looks fantastic due to its ability to draw light from the yellow gold setting its best not to spend a lot on this type of diamond and save some money.

Diamond Grades N-R through S-Z —Light Tint Color Diamonds

Diamond color grades from N – Z normally look best when set in rings using yellow gold. These diamonds exhibit an strong ability to draw light from the yellow gold and show case a deeper shade of color than higher grade diamonds.

Color Grade Diamond Price Ranges from D to Z

The reason a diamond buyer needs to learn about diamond color grades is that knowledge provides a diamond buying guide that will permit them know they can buy Near Colorless diamond instead paying for super expensive Colorless diamond that to the visible eye is absolutely has no discernable difference visually. A diamond that is graded a D color is far more expensive than a diamond that is graded H color. The H color diamond is visually colorless like a D color grade diamond, but it will cost far less and look just as good.

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