Gemstone Cuts Explained

A lapidary cuts natural rough stones into gemstones, as the public knows them, so they are usable in the making of custom jewelry by custom jewelers. Cutting a gemstone sounds simplistic but it is not. When a gemstone is cut into to create a shape with specific facets the final shape it becomes allows the natural true color and the visual brilliance of it come out. Lapidary’s commonly require more than two years of training to be viewed as professional gemstone cutter. It involves several critical factors to make the decision on the best cut to make on each individual rough gemstone to minimize its inherent imperfections and to showcase its premier natural features. There are several shapes, cuts, and specific facets to create a gemstone cutter considers so it creates a gemstone that is the highest beauty and value.

There are several shapes gemstones can be cut into including triangular, heart, oval, octagon, square, pear, and round to just name a few. The shapes can them be worked on from there with a variety of cuts, hinging on a jeweler decision on showcasing a gemstone’s many possible facets. To that end, a basic square space gemstone can be cut into a variety of popular cuts including a Cushion cut, Asscher cut, Radiant cut and a Princess cut. The wonderous thing about gemstones is that gemstone cuts vary in the total size of facets and amount of them cut into each gem’s exterior surface inside of each shape category.


Gemstone Cuts by Southwest Originals
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