Gold Carats – 24ct, 22ct, 18ct, 14ct and 10ct Spelled Out

For most people, the term ‘Carat’ in connection to the metal gold is a familiar one. Many people think ‘Carat’ is a measurement of gold weight. But it is actually the percentage of pure gold of an item, such as a gold bar or a gold engagement ring.

You may see "Carat' abbreviated with these symbols: ct, K or kt.

Different gold carat percentages of pure gold are comprised as follows:

24 carat gold is the premier gold carat. Carat gold has no higher percentage of gold than 24. It is the purest gold there is on the earth. It is made up of 99.90% gold. It is a highly precious metal and it is yellow in color. The metal is extremely soft and manipulable. Because it is so manipulable, it is rarely used by jewelers to manufacture fine jewelry.

22 carat gold is approximately 91.60% pure gold. Because of its high gold content, it is expensive. It also is extremely manipulable, making it hard for jewelers and jewelry manufacturers to use in jewelry with stone settings. It is much better for use in simple gold jewelry pieces like wedding bands and basic gold earrings without stone settings.

18 carat gold Is made up of 75% pure gold. The remaining metal consists of strong metal alloys added for color and durability. To make white gold, white metals are added and to make rose gold, copper metal is added. 18ct yellow gold is admired for its glow and its tone that showcases both vividness and warmth. Because it is has a relatively high gold percentage it is still expensive.

14 carat gold Is made up of around 58% pure gold. It exhibits a subtle level of vividness with a nice level of yellow warmth. It costs less than 18ct gold, so it is widely used and very well liked.

10 carat gold Is made up of 41.70% pure gold. Because of its lower gold percentage, it is less expensive, making is popular as well. It contains a larger percentage of durable metals, which makes it have more inherent strength and last longer. It is very suitable for making gold jewelry like engagement rings and wedding bands.


Gold Carats - 24ct, 22ct, 18ct, 14ct and 9ct Spelled Out by Southwest Originals 505-363-7150
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