Great Engagement Ring Cleaning Tips

In your life one of the more eye-catching objects you will see is a newly cleaned diamond engagement ring right after it has been polished to such a sheen that it literally twinkles when sunlight hits it. From that point on it is good old plain human nature to desire that same experience from your ring all the time. It is simple enough to spend the money and have it cleaned by your local jewelry store or your favorite customer jeweler. However, it make more sense from a cost savings and immediacy of seeing your ring look great all the time to take the time learn how to your clean it properly so it gets clean and is not damaged by how you clean and what you clean it with.

By cleaning your ring at the house every month or so will maintain the ring’s natural sparkle and prevent of having built-up gunk, dirt, and grim ruin your enjoyment of it.  Regular ring wearing adds a build-up of natural oil from your skin, dirt, and makeup, if you wear any.  When a ring is filthy it is a natural repository for viruses and bacteria. Knowing this fact will give you extra incentive to keep it clean, look stunning and keep it from become a gathering point for any unhealthy germs or other health harming agents. Cleaning your ring on your own is great, but it is not even close the same has hiring a professional to clean it. You most likely will be able to remove basic grit and grim and make it look really, nice, but cleaning your ring at your local professional jeweler will securely in safe way, rid your ring of built-up oil, grease, grit, dirt or other harmful germs.

As simple and as hard to believe as it sounds, top material to clean your engagement ring within your home is dish washing soap. To clean it you will also need a small bowl, a toothbrush, semi-hot water, and nice soft cloth. Be sure to not use hand sanitizing gel or strong household cleaning liquid. If you were to use one of these cleaning materials they most likely will ruin your jewelry, which completely defeats the purpose of cleaning it. .

Straight Talk on the Best Way to Clean Your Engagement Ring Yourself

Diamond rings get dirty from every day use every single day. Things like hand lotion, cream, dirt, grit, grime, and makeup will all collect on ring, build up, and kill the shine. The premier and easiest way to clean your diamond rings is set up a small bowl and then add warm water and dish soap to it. Take your rings and place them inside the solution for about 30 minutes. Once the rings have completed the soak cycle, take a soft bristle toothbrush, and softly brush each ring individually. Once you have completed brushing each ring, rinse it off with nice warm water from your tap. Be sure to stop up the sink you rinse it off in with a sink-stopper, so your ring does not slip out of your fingers and go down the drain. If this were to happen it defeats the purpose of cleaning the ring.

Hand moisturizing products that end up on a ring will add a hazy sheen to your ring. Put these products on your hands with your ring off and wait for the product to penetrate your skin before you put your ring back on. When you dry your ring, use a soft cloth cotton towel. Do not use a paper towel. Paper towels these days are so well-designed and strong they will leave scratch marks on the metal surface of your ring if you dry your ring with them.

Engagement Ring Cleaning Schedule

Ring cleaning is a chore, but like most chores the result from completing it is a happy visual one. With happy result of sparkling ring in the forefront of your mind, clean your diamond rings weekly. Doing it weekly will remove day to day grim, cosmetic products and oil from building up into layers where your ring starts looking dull and lifeless. Bring your ring to a professional jeweler for cleaning two times annually. If your ring gets exposed to the elements, you in the kitchen and to lots of cosmetics, have your local professional clean once a quarter or three times a year. Using a professional will bring back the natural brilliance of your engagement ring and its diamonds. Cleaning it yourself cleans the ring itself, but it does not clean the diamond with the same effectiveness as a professional cleaning does. To reduce the number of times you have to clean it yourself or have it cleaned by a professional, remove your ring when you are doing things, such as going out to the outdoors, that will get the ring dirty faster and more often.

Cleaning Products You Should Never Employ to Clean Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring that does not sparkle is to certain small degree pointless, but what is worse is to own an engagement ring that will never sparkle again because it was cleaned with a home cleaning product that ruined it. Home cleaning products that should not be used when cleaning your diamond rings are chlorine bleach, plain old bleach, or nail polish remover. Some of these product’s chemicals can literally sink into the metal of a ring and chemically ruin it permanently. Do not ever use products with abrasive material in them like powdered bleach, baking soda or good old-fashioned toothpaste. These materials will put scratches in the ring’s metal, ruining it for good. When it comes to cleaning your rings, do not use any of the products mentioned here to clean you rings.

Home Jewelry Cleaners Using Ultrasonic Technology Are Available—Do Not Buy One

Products to clean your engagement ring and your jewelry using ultrasonic vibrations work well. Your engagement ring will come out shining like it was brand new after it has been cleaned. That sounds great and it is great because it works great, and your ring is clean in minutes. The rub comes when your engagement ring gemstones or inlay, such as turquoise, comes loose or pops out in the machine when it's running. When you use a professional jeweler to clean your rings, they will test the ring’s stones and inlay after its been cleaned to make they are all present and accounted for and all secure in place. If they are loose, the jeweler can make a repair right then. If you knock a diamond loose in your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner you will need to secure the gemstone, place it and the ring in a safe carrying pouch and then bring it to your jeweler to pay to get it fixed. This dilemma could have been avoided easily by not using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean your rings. Be sure to get insurance on your rings to cover gemstone loss and gemstones falling out. If either ever happens, you will be glad you have bought the coverage.

Professional Engagement Ring Cleaning Choices—Here’s Where to Go

Many times, when you buy a ring a local jewelry store the ring comes with a built-in professional cleaning service. It is part and parcel of the service. Getting your diamond  engagement ring cleaned professionally where you bought is wise because they know the ring because they sold it to you, and they know specifically how to clean it the right way. If it just so happens are going to have a different place clean your ring, take the time to talk directly to the jeweler that will clean it. Discuss their credentials with them directly regarding their years as a jeweler, their actual hands on cleaning techniques and ask if they have cleaned jewelry of a similar grade as your ring. Taking this extra step will give you confirmation the person you are hiring to clean your jewelry knows how to clean it properly and that they have cleaned several similar rings.

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