Jewelry Trends in 2021

Jewelry in 2021 brings a new upswing in trends and new ideas for the use of gold. Gold still reigns supreme in the market of precious metals and it has gone through many changes as the seasons swiftly pass us by. Whether the fashion accessory are rings, necklaces, and bracelets, or all three, the trends lean towards comfort and joy in their styles and the feelings they create.

The trends for summer 2021 are colorful, simple, clean, polygon shape like designs. The reason could be the changing norms, for these days people want more compatible designs that can be worn with any style of clothing, whether the style is casual, business or formal.

Versatility is high as one of many custom jewelry  customers’ priorities. 

Custom Necklaces

With Necklaces, for example, the most treasured style right now is  the chain-link design. Custom jewelers have taken the simple design and have made a variety of exquisite, interesting distinctions with the style.

Custom Jewelry and Custom Jewelry Design

Customization has become more prevalent in 2021 with rings set with birthstones and high quality precious gemstones. Many people buy a custom designed ring with turquoise, gold and diamonds and then have their custom jeweler make a matching  necklace  and  earrings.

Unisex Designs with Cuban Link Design Influence

Unisex designs have incorporated the famous Cuban link designs that are now making a comeback. There is a tendency now towards bold neck chains with intricate designs from their very simple premise, but it also allows more surface area to set diamonds and gems.

Initially adopted in bold neck chains, the design element lends itself to an array of jewelry for both men and women.

Sunglasses Chains

Sunglasses chains are making a steady rise in popularity. The main reason is that they can be attached to the masks to add some chic to your otherwise boring rule requirements. 


In tune with the colorful style there has been a rise in beaded bracelets and necklaces, but with a chic appearance. Many playful styles are being appreciated and growing in popularity. Paperclip earrings are also trending with one becoming a popular piece on the Bachelorette TV show. 

Nugget Jewelry  

The new nugget jewelry designs also are rising in popularity as a unisex design. In the past, new nugget jewelry was a reflection of a bold form of distinction of wealth, a rougher masculinity. 



Stud and hoop earrings are getting more love and have been rising in popularity. Pearl earrings have grown in popularity due to women seeking versatility to make sure they can wear those earrings with any clothing they got. 

Jewelry designs are always changing as are trends and styles. In 2021 jewelry is more diverse than ever and custom jewelry is just as diverse and certainly beautiful and amazing. 

The versatility has been a side effect of the rising gold prices and as such most consumers are moving towards simplicity that allows customization and flexibility that allows them to combine with their clothing fashion. 

Gold Prices and 10k Gold

The prices of gold rising have pushed consumers to be more innovative and economical about their choices in jewelry such as 10k options. The low karat is cheaper, but is also more durable to the wear of tear of use. 

The rise of the nineties and eighties fashion trends indicates a desire to go back to a playful more youthful look, especially after such depressing times recently and we expect it to continue.

14k White Gold Pendant with Turquoise and Diamonds by Soutwest Originals
14 karat yellow Gold with Diamond and Cultured Opal Inlay by Southwest Originasl 505-363-7150
Cultured Opal Inlay with a Pear Shape Diamond in 14 karat Yellow Gold by Southwest Originals
14 karat yellow gold ring with beautiful Green Turquoise by Southwest Originals
pair of gold and Turquoise earrings by Southwest Originals
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