Responsibilities of the Groomsman Prior to the Wedding

A groomsman is a male attendant at a groom's wedding ceremony.

The Groomsman is well known for standing next to the groom while the "I dos" are said and helping in the bachelor party planning. Most individuals are unaware of the additional groomsmen responsibilities. These duties include assisting with the groom's calmness and emotions before his big day, being a fantastic gracious attendee and part of the wedding party (replying to the formal invitation on time, scheduling travel and accommodation promptly), and assisting with the newlywed couple's transportation during the wedding reception. If you want to excel at your tasks as your friend's groomsman, make this checklist a staple on your mobile right away.

What exactly are the responsibilities of a groomsmen prior to the wedding? The below are the accountabilities and responsibilities prior to the wedding day:

Groomsmen Duties Before the Big Event

Assisting with ring selection

Before the lovely couple marries, the woman needs to say yes to the big question, "will you marry me?". Before the query about getting married can be made, an exquisite ring must be found and bought. In certain cases, the wedding proposer's friend and prospective groomsmen may be corralled into assisting with the critical task of shopping for most critical item in the endeavor, the engagement ring. If you happen to know zero about engagement rings, do some engagement ring homework before your shopping trip so you can give your friend informed advice and an informed opinion.

Renting or Purchasing a Wedding Suit or Tuxedo

Groomsmen oversee renting their tux or suit or purchasing it and getting it tailored.  Begin the process of renting or purchasing your wedding apparel, suit, or tux, as soon as possible so that you get the job done just before your friend, the groom's big day.

Participate in Game Planning the All Important Bachelor Party

The best man is usually in charge of organizing the bachelor party. It would not, however, keep any of the remaining groomsmen from jumping in to help with the party or weekend planning. By teaming up and working together to build a brilliant game plan, you will discover you have locked down all the crucial information and will have the happiest time together ever. If you are unable to help with the game plan, compensate by giving up some of the money for the cost of the various events.


Participate in all pre-wedding rituals, such as the following: the bachelor party; the wedding party; and the rehearsal dinner.  Groomsmen are expected to attend all pre-wedding activities for the most part with the minor exception being the bride's bridal shower. Several of the events may not be as enjoyable as some, but as a true friend and a fantastic groomsman, it reflects good spirit and love for the pair to participate in anything from the ring selection to the day of the wedding.

Purchase a Memorable Wedding Present

You may be preoccupied with life prior to the upcoming wedding ceremony, so purchasing a fantastic wedding present may slip your mind. It is customary for wedding party guests to present the couple with a gift. If you are stumped on what to get them (newlyweds get way too many crockpots and toasters), check out the couples’ department store wedding registration to learn what recommended presents are on their list. Many couples do not sign up for a wedding registration at some of the local department stores. If that is the case with the bride and groom you are shopping for a wedding gift for another direction to go in is to consider banding together with the wedding party or the groomsmen to pay for a special occasion such as a major concert or fun outing as a cool gift the couple can love.

Make your Flight and Hotel Reservations as Soon as Possible

Booking your hotel room and flight is groomsmen 101 responsibilities. Many couples would reserve a block of rooms at a hotel near the wedding reception site for the whole wedding party. When you know the wedding date, make sure to schedule both your ticket and your lodging reservation so you are ready to go and do not end up being unable travel on the correct day before the wedding due to the fact that the available seats are already booked. This is especially important for destination weddings. If you book early, you will be on schedule for everything. History shows the top deals are found when you book your flight as soon as possible. It is preferable to come the place where the wedding ceremony is taking place than to arrive late. It is unfair the bride and groom and you may put them in a bind by failing to arrive on schedule.

Makeover the Getaway Vehicle

The groomsmen and bridesmaids oversee the decorating of the newlyweds' getaway car as they head away to wedded bliss. Often couples nowadays would take a rideshare or choose not to get their car decorated. However, if it is appropriate to deck out their vehicle, do so in a major way so that it looks great and so that is becomes a wonderful way to send them off to a lifetime of wedded bliss.

The honor of the roll participating in a wedding as one of the groomsmen is an essential and enjoyable aspect of being a true mate. Revel in the roll and be sure to make the most of it by doing what it takes to ensure that your friends' wedding is the best it can be.

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