The Best Mined Diamond Alternative Options For Jewelry Gemstones

What are the Best Diamond Alternatives Gemstones for Jewelry?

If you're looking for an alternative to mined diamonds, there are plenty of options (natural or lab made) to choose from. The more familiar you become, the simpler it is to make your selection.

Asking the experts is the quickest way to learn! Using a custom jeweler, like Southwest Originals, to design and make the jewelry pieces you have envisioned will make the process go smoothly because they have an immense body of knowledge regarding all types of gemstones. They can assist with gem selection, incorporating your specific budget and unique style.

Why Choose a Mined-Diamond Alternative?

A couple of reasons many are turned off by mined diamonds is they are expensive and are not considered to be a very strong investment. Also, some may prefer mined diamond alternatives because they are more ethically and environmentally responsible. Ethically and environmentally mined diamonds are attainable, but the cost is elevated.

Lab-Made Diamonds

Diamonds created in a lab are 100% real, and preferred over mined diamonds by many people. They have become more prominent because they are not conflict diamonds nor do they harm the environment. They provide a large discount when compared to mined diamonds, yet they are the most expensive alternative. Diamonds created in a lab will shine just like any natural diamond.

Shopping for Diamond Lookalikes

Diamond alternatives are not all the same regarding price, appearance and durability. Before you purchase, you will want to do your research.

The following stones are diamond look-alikes with their varying physical characteristics. Diamond alternatives can be natural, or synthetic. There is nothing ethically wrong with selling synthetic gems as long as the purchaser is aware. Avoid vendors who try to market diamond simulants as authentic diamonds. 

Cubic Zirconia

By far the most popular diamond alternative is cubic zirconia (CZ). It is just as brilliant as a diamond but much less expensive. Unfortunately, cubic zirconia is not very durable and is likely to break or scratch over time. It is also slightly permeable, so oils from skin will absorb, and cause dulling.

White Lab-Made Gemstones


Synthetic moissanite is a diamond simulant with an appealing price, almost equal in beauty and strength to a real diamond. Experts would be able to spot it, but you could easily fool anyone else. 

The Mined-Diamond Alternate Choice Decision

If you're looking for a durable gemstone for an engagement ring, the selection is minimal. If you're open to synthetic stones, moissanite is the best bargain. If your budget allows, lab made diamonds are also an excellent choice. With so many diamond alternative options available, there is sure to be one that works best for your needs.

Summing Up the Mined Diamond Alternative Gemstone Options

The choice you make for the gemstone or gemstones in your custom jewelry is a matter of personal feelings and aesthetics from your point of view. When it comes to jewelry, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love it, that is what counts. There are many options and several will cost less than a mined diamond, which will make your custom ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings be less expensive, but certainly still very beautiful. 


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