The History and Fame of Egyptian Turquoise and Why It is So Highly Desired

Of all the gemstones on the planet, turquoise is the sole gem that is the name of a color as well. The gemstone turquoise is a blue-to-green mineral. It is made up of hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. The name turquoise originates from it being imported through Europe historically through the country Turkey. The definition of the word turquoise is ‘Turkish stone’. The mining of the gemstone turquoise dates back before 5000BC. There are deposits of it in copper mines throughout the globe. In prehistoric times the Primeval Romans called it ‘Callais’ and the Aztecs called it ‘Chalchihuitl’. The gemstone gained a large amount of its fame and desirability over time because it was highly prized by the people of Ancient Egypt.

It is both surprising and astounding that mines used to obtain Turquoise in Egypt today are the same ones used by Ancient Egyptians. Amazingly the legendary Turquoise mines producing gemstones today in Egypt were used to mine for gemstones for the Pharaohs 1000’s of years ago.

Egyptian Turquoise is completely stunning and totally unique. Its features are brilliant bluish greens, with beautiful copper and red hues. There is no Turquoise like it on earth.

Its distinctive background color of red and gold makes it perfect for setting in a custom gold ring. Because of its amazing qualities it was highly treasured by prehistoric civilizations and their leaders. Jewelry found in ancient tombs of famous Egyptian Pharaohs featured turquoise.

The History and Fame of Egyptian Turquoise and Why It is So Highly Desireable by Southwest Originals 505-363-7150
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