The Precious Mineral, GOLD!

Around the world the precious mineral gold is easily one of the most desired and famous of all the minerals occurring in the earth. It is famous and desired due its worth and its unique aspects going back to when it was discovered in ancient times. For the most part gold deposits have been melted down for a variety of production types. Large stunning gold specimens are considered extremely valuable and cost more than today’s gold price. Historically large gold specimens have not been for sale much to speak of, but today more valuable specimens have come on to the market and been made available to gold collectors by way of miners who have been holding larger specimens and are now putting them up for sale.

Gold specimens and gold deposits often contain small amounts of silver, copper, and iron. Although there are some traces of silver in gold nuggets, they are normally 65 to 95 percent gold in purity. Pure gold is normally sparkling golden yellow. However, if there are larger trace amounts of silver, the gold will be a whiter color tone. Mined gold is normally gold ore and not gold specimens. Gold ore is normally brown rock or huge pieces of white quartz, both of which hold small amounts of gold. To remove the gold from the ore it is crushed and after that the gold in the crushed ore is take out through several different techniques.

The formation of gold nuggets happens when erosion in nature separates a big gold nugget from a larger rock which is then transported downstream to river or stream, normally located up in the mountains. Streams and rivers water flow rolls the piece of gold over and over until it turns into a round form. From there the weight of the gold nugget causes it to settle down into the bed of stream or river and stay in place. Many times, multiple nuggets settle down into the bed of a stream or river in the same spot, creating what is title a placer deposit.

Gold’s gravity weight is by far one of densest minerals with a 19.3. specific gravity weight. Gold can be panned in riverbeds and stream beds because gold is heavy and it sinks to bottom, making accessible. Gold is easy to remove from other materials because it normally weighs more than any material it is contained in. The mineral gold is the substance on the planet that is most malleable and ductile. Gold can be manipulated flat to .00001 of an inch. 1 ounce of gold is so malleable it can be manipulated out flat to more than 45 miles. Gold is highly resistant, it will not change in color, fall apart and it cannot be impacted by virtually any chemicals. These features enhance the distinctiveness, appeal, and desire for the mineral gold

The Prescious Mineral, GOLD! by Southwest Originals 505-363-1750 a
The Prescious Mineral, GOLD! by Southwest Originals 505-363-1750 a
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