The Reasons Why Gold is so Valuable

There is not a metal on the planet that has a phenomenal intriguing place in history like gold does. Gold has held a special place in the world for more than 5,000 years. It has been employed during that period as currency, a standard of value for currencies throughout the planet, jewelry of kings, engagement rings and in recent times it has been employed in medical and electronic devices. Gold has been used by societies from the olden days to adorn ancient burial tombs.

In recent times, the two world banking organizations, the World Bank. and the International Monetary Fund, recommended using gold as the standard of value for currency. In virtually all sports competitions around the world, a gold medal is given the person who takes first place. There are several high-end automobile companies that offer models in stunning gold paint.

Gold’s High Value Explained

To begin, it is wise to know the standard facts about gold. It is stunning metal with dense properties, and it is smooth, brilliant in color, highly conductible and it is easy for both manufacturers and custom jewelers to make into different shapes. Its chemical element symbol is Au and the atomic number of it is 79. Gold melts at 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit. At 5,173 degrees Fahrenheit it boils. Gold is highly value for its special artistic visual appeal, and its aforementioned unique qualities.

Gold’s Yellow Color and Artistic Appeal

 Gold is to many as bright as the golden shine of the sun. Its chemical element symbol of Au is derived from the word aurum, a Greek word with the definition of glow of sunshine. Gold is in the English language is derived from colors words ghel and gulb. The metal gold is the sole one that is yellow in color. Gold’s yellow color comes from it electron configuration. Gold will change in color and combined as an alloy with gold and copper and gold and silver. The color of each alloy with gold will be different when the percentage of gold is higher or lower.

Gold’s Chemical and Physical Characteristics and Properties

The high worth of gold is a directly connected to both is physical and chemical characteristics. Out of all the metals of the earth it is the highest in ductile capabilities and its malleability.
160 Km of super thin gold wire can be manufactured from two ounces of gold. An18 square meter sheet of gold can be flattened from just two ounces of gold. Gold has high electric conductivity and it also has a high level of electrical resistivity. Of all the metals that come from the earth gold is the most corrosion resistant and a chemical mixture of hydocloric and nitric acid are the only thing that can corrode it.  Because it does not oxidize gold is a noble metal.

Gold is Rare and Hard to Find

Gold’s properties are plenty to see it and know it is an extremely functional metal with thousands of uses and make it one of the most highly desired metals on the earth. Just on its physical and chemical characteristics alone gold is extremely valuable. Gold is also highly valuable because it is super rare. The deposits of gold on the planet have been estimated to be a finite amount of 5.5 billion ounces or 168 tons.

Because gold is so scarce on earth and because of all its desirable characteristics, both physical and visual, it is easily one of the most valuable metals on the planet.


The Reasons Why Gold is so Valuable
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