The Unparalleled Characteristics of the World’s Most Famous Precious Gemstone, The Diamond

To say the mineral diamond sparkles more than most minerals is to put it mildly. The diamond has characteristics that are unparalleled, and it is one of the most distinctive minerals found on earth. The diamond is the hardest material known on earth, it the best heat conductor and there is no other material on planet with a higher melting point. It melts at 7362° Fahrenheit. With its effervescent sparkling quality, it makes perfect sense that it features the top natural mineral refractive index. Diamonds are 400 percent harder than Corundum. On the Mohs scale the diamonds number is a stupendous 10. Corundum is 9 on the Mohs scale. Of all the minerals found on earth it has the highest level of anatomical density configuration. The diamond features the largest number of wavelengths and it is transparent. Because of all the diamonds physical properties described here, its heat conduction works both ways with cold and hot temperatures where when it is cold or cool in a room, a diamond temperature is below or at room temperature and when a diamond is heated it retains its heat that has been applied to it for a long period time.

Diamonds exhibit an immense amount of shine. The fiery sparkle of a diamond, compared to other precious gemstones, has no other rivals. Raw diamonds show a translucent patina. A rough diamond cut by top-level lapidary is transformed from a stone with a foggy luster to stunning sparkling gemstone. There are a handful of lesser gemstones and some synthetic materials that attain a diamonds refractive index. Diamonds are world famous due to their phenomenal marketing campaign by DeBeers and because of their luster, hardness, ability to refract light. Diamonds are truly amazing.

The Unparalleled Characteristics of the World’s Most Famous Precious Gemstone, The Diamond by Southwest Originals
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