Truly Engaging Facts About Ruby Gemstones

The ruby is one of the most illustrious gemstones found in the world. The breathtaking built-in magnificent qualities of this gem makes it more special than most by precious gemstone collectors and jewelry aficionados. Since the ancient times when rubies were first found eons ago, the gemstone had been at the top of high desirability list and it has been considered a sign of great wealth when owned by one’s family.  In some cases, some high-quality rubies are on par or greater than quality diamonds. However, rubies are far more than just their stunning appearance. The draw of rubies has built a historic path throughout civilizations because of their attributes and extensive meanings. For those that did not know it, rubies over time have been the precious stone of Kings. Rubies are comprised of a wide array of information about them. Featured here are several engaging facts that will knock your socks off.


  1. Rubies spectacular color comes from the small amount of chromium contained in the gem. Rubies are created through staggering amounts of heat and high pressure coming from inside the earth. When the gem is being formed chromium trades places with aluminum inside corundum and this is where it become a brilliant ruby.
  2. In the world of gemstones inclusion are not seen as a benefiting characteristic.  But tiny amounts of inclusions improved the attractiveness of rubies because it helps them appear more engaging and subtly smooth. One thing to know regarding the subtle smoothness of rubies when they do have inclusions is when they do not have inclusions it means the gemstone has been cured or treated with heat.  The chance of discovering a ruby in nature with zero inclusions is highly unlikely. That does not mean it is completely improbable. It means the gemstone would be worth a lot money.
  3. The highest value ruby gemstone ever discovered in nature is the 25 plus carat Burmese ruby known as the Sunrise Ruby. It brought more than $30,000,000 at auction. Occasionally rubies will feature both small hint of blue hues and deep red color.
  4. Most rubies when out in sunlight will give off a deep radiant shine. This radiance characteristic gives an additional component of charm and attractiveness to rubies.
  5. Sometimes rubies come in a stunning captivating deep dark red tone called. The look is called “Pigeon’s blood”. Rubies with this color come from the geographic location known as the Mogok region. This rubies color is the same as pigeon blood according to local folklore. Even though the dark red tone is well known, it is not employed by gemstone experts or gemologists as a grading physical characteristic.
  6. The world has several places where rubies are discovered. Those places include Africa, Australia, and Asia. The biggest supplier of the precious gemstone ruby is the country of Myanmar. Rubies from Burmese are the primary front-runner in the marketplace. There are however other countries that are starting to compete with Myanmar.
  7. In Europe people wore rubies for knowledge during ancient times. Many people also held credence about rubies that they helped with grief and brought belief in one’s self. Today rubies are viewed the same way by many people and are worn as good luck charm to help bring balance and health to one’s life.
Truly Engaging Facts About Ruby Gemstones by Southwest Originals 505-363-7150 a
Truly Engaging Facts About Ruby Gemstones by Southwest Originals 505-363-7150 a
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