Turquoise Jewelry Care

As beautiful as turquoise is and despite the fact it is a mineral found near copper deposits, its physical characteristics are low levels of hardness and strength. Due to this fact it is not used in specific types of jewelry where the gemstone needs to be hard and durable. It is used in ring, bracelets, and belt buckles because those jewelry pieces are not subject to being scratched or banged into very much by jewelry owners.

Wise jewelry design layout will protect all gemstones using well-designed bezel that will keep the gemstone from being scratched, rubbed or from being banged into. The bezel wall height needs to be tall enough to block the gem top and sides from impact or abrasions. Not to downplay the fact a gem is ensconced inside a bezel; owners of turquoise jewelry must wear it and be cognizant of the fact that it is a soft gemstone material, and one needs to be careful to not cause it undue harm.  Be sure not to wear turquoise jewelry when participating in sports or any task where the jewelry itself might get banged into or scratched. Be sure to put it in a jewelry box where it will not be banged into by other jewelry pieces.

The porosity of turquoise means it can soak in liquids. The liquids it can soak into turquoise are water, cleaning solutions, oil and perspiration from one’s body, and all other liquids that may touch it. Once a liquid happens to soak into turquoise, it can cause permanent harm that my change the color of the material and/or ruin the gemstone itself, depending on the type of material it has absorbed. When turquoise has been touched by damaging liquid of any type it should be lightly washed with a gentle cloth that has been lightly dipped into weak soap water, and then wiped gently with a damp gently cloth. Once the turquoise is completely devoid of any moisture, place it in a jewelry box that is not near any light or source of heat or electricity.


Turquoise and Diamond Wedding Ring
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