Turquoise Facts and Colors

Turquoise Defined The mineral turquoise is stunning mineral that comes in gorgeous tones of green, blue-green, multiple ranges of blue and multiple ranges of green.   It is a gemstone that has been highly desired by man for several thousand year. Separated by entire continents, the pre-historic people of the America’s, Asia and Africa all chose […]

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Top Arizona Turquoise Mines Facts & Observations

Arizona is one of the world’s turquoise mine hotspots. Throughout Arizona there are both active, but mostly inactive turquoise mines.  The turquoise found in Arizona turquoise mines is very popular among custom jewelers like Southwest Originals of Albuquerque, NM. Turquoise deposits are mostly located in copper mining operations.  Featured here are a list of the

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The Powerful Properties of the Gemstone Turquoise

Turquoise is an amazing mineral with positive attributes and is known throughout the world. It is a combination of the colors blue and green, providing similar freshness and reassuring traits of each. Turquoise color is connected to connotations of calmness, refinement, power, knowledge, peacefulness, wellness, strength, steadfastness, the feeling of love, happiness, serenity, perseverance, insight,

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