How Emeralds are Formed In Nature

In mother nature the formation of emeralds starts with a growth of an emerald crystal one molecule by one molecule. Emeralds are natural gemstone crystals. An emerald’s crystals form into a matrix of crystals when the physical environment is ideal. Emerald crystal formation takes both adequate formation time and required open area to provide the …

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Truly Engaging Facts About Ruby Gemstones

The ruby is one of the most illustrious gemstones found in the world. The breathtaking built-in magnificent qualities of this gem makes it more special than most by precious gemstone collectors and jewelry aficionados. Since the ancient times when rubies were first found eons ago, the gemstone had been at the top of high desirability …

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A Breakdown of White Gold’s Composition and How it is Made

Most people are familiar with the popular precious metals, platinum, gold and silver. One precious metal that that is used by custom jewelers often is white gold. However, many folks do not know what precious metals compromise white gold. More than likely it is not known how it is manufactured or created or how yellow …

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Diamond Cut Explained

Mined rough diamonds are cut to turn them into gem-quality diamonds employing both science and art. A shape and polished diamond start with a rough stone and the result is its diamond cut. The diamond cut is determined by the angles the diamond is cut into and the work expertise value of the artisan workmanship. …

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Diamond Clarity Explained

Inclusions are the internal defects of a diamond and diamond clarity is the measure of a diamond’s internal defects. Inclusions in diamonds consist of several types including foreign material crystals, another diamond crystal or structural issues like small cracks show up in a diamond as translucent or whitish. Diamond clarity is determined by inclusion numbers, …

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